Who we are?

We are a group of engineers, software developers and project managers grouped around all things C++. C++ OutsourcingCombined, we have decades of experience working with C++ and accompanying toolsets.

Where we are?

Around 15 C++ developers are located in Serbia, 3 senior C++ developers are located in Poland and 3 engineers are in the States. We work as distributed teams and can assemble a team with additional 10 or more people at short notice.

C++ standards?

We are well versed with C++11, C++14 and C++17. Some of us are experienced with older versions as well.

Why us?

We love C++. We think it is an amazing product of human intellect. C++ has been our passion, our profession and our bread and butter for decades.


We have massive working experience with Windows, WinAPI and Visual Studio.


The other half of our team is experienced and passionate about Linux, GCC toolchain, CMake and Bash.

C++ outsourcing

In short, we know a lot about modern C++. Why not outsource your project to us, we would like to hear from you.

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